5 Microalgae Supplements to Radically Improve Your Quality of Life

When our parents told us to eat our super greens, I bet they didn’t have microalgae in mind! These single celled plants are one of the latest trends in the health food world – I was stopped by a helpful girl in my local Whole Foods just last week proferring a small cup of intensely green gloop with the promise of eternal life if I sipped it. I did of course and was so wowed by the taste of it, that I actually went ahead and bought a couple of packets. Since then I’ve been feeling full of beans, my skin is clear, my energy is seriously pumped, and that’s led me to really focus this week’s article on the wonders of microalgae. Here are some of the ones we should all be taking and why.


Deficient in calcium, well this stuff has 25 times more of it per gram than milk! Those of the kind of crazy statistics which spirulina offers across the board actually because this stuff is like a super pond scum which will supercharge your life. Choose from a range here.

Marine Phytoplankton

Think the whales might know a think or two? Well if so, eat the same thing they do: marine phytoplankton which is the world’s smallest plant yet packs the kind of punch Mike Tyson couldn’t even dream of. This stuff gives you antioxidants, minerals, the absurdly power superoxide dismutase and reputedly kicks candida’s ass.


This stuff has incredible chelating properties which means, in addition for being one of the most nutrient dense substances on earth, it’ll pull all the heavy metals out of you. Eat it with cilantro for best chelating effect, or just take it for it’s vegan source of B12.


Ever wondered what gives salmon that wonderful pink colour? Well, that would be Astaxanthin, a caretonoid pigment which ranks as one of the most significant antioxidants in the world. Great for eyes and skin to boot you can either take a tonne of Pacific sockeye salmon or, if you want the easy life, get some from Nutrex here.


This is actually a whole genus of green algae that grows beautifully in fairly saline environments like salt lakes. What’s amazing is that the higher the levels of salt, the more beta carotene this baby produces! Take this for it’s powerful anti-cancerous properties, and particular efficacy against skin cancer cells.